Helicopter Services

An aerial shuttle and tour in one.

Flights to the Lookout

In ideal conditions a flight to Glacier Lookout can take as little as 6 minutes with a flight over the icebergs of Valdez Glacier Lake. Flights must be reserved by contacting Vertical Solutions (VS) Helicopters. Another more dependable option is Ridgeline Aviation but they fly out of Cordova so it is going to cost around $2,000 per trip over to Valdez.

All flights are provided through Vertical Solutions or Ridgeline Aviation and are not operated by Alaska Guide Co. / Glacier Lookout. Flights are charged for total time - warm up, flight up, unload/load time, flight down and engine shut down are generally 20-30 minutes. Though in adverse weather flights have taken 50 minutes when dealing with high winds, updrafts, and changing cloud cover. The 2022 season Vertical Solutions has last minute dropped reservations for the lookout and their own tours, to take on larger contracts. We recommend getting trip insurance to cover losses in case they cancel on you.

Parties considering the Basic stay option should plan on using the R66 if they will not have empty seats on their flight. R44's have limited space for the gear, food, water, and clean mountain can (potty can) transport. Ultimately the call comes down to the pilot if you will need to change your flight from the 44 to the 66.

To limit environmental impact Alaska Guide Company may send materials and staff on flights to and from the lookout that would otherwise be empty. IE client flights up to the lookout may be used to fly materials or staff out, and flights used to pick up clients from the lookout may be used to transport staff and resupplies up to the lookout.