Things to Consider

Glacier Lookout might not be for everyone.
Keep the following in mind

There is no road or easy walk out.

Glacier Lookout View

If you want to stay at Glacier Lookout you will need to take these things seriously.

  • Glacier Lookout is located in the Alaskan wilderness.
  • Help might not be on the way or take more than an hour to get to you.
  • Cell service can be spotty.
  • Glacier Lookout is perched above a 100ft cliff.
  • Winds in excess of 90mph can move through the area (generally in winter).
  • Much of the ground around the lookout is uneven terrain.
  • You may be weathered in days beyond expected.
  • May not be safe for children. No children under 12 years old without a guide present.
  • Glacier Lookout is visited by black and brown bears. Brown bears as in, the same species as grizzlies, not just a color description.
  • There's no toilet. Do not defecate around the alpine. Use the ReStop2 bags and Clean Mountain Cans.
  • No smoking or recreational drug use allowed.
  • No hunting, scoping, use or relaying of information gathered on a lookout trip for hunting purposes.
  • If you are more concerned with selfies than precision situational awareness you can easily create fatal situations.
  • Glacier Lookout is a privately owned building and may only be accessed by reservation.
A Rustic Potty Experience
No Restrooms

First thing that might discourage some people is, there are no restrooms or outhouses. In order to keep the area as pristine as possible guests will be using Clean Mountain Cans. Clean Mountain Cans are standard in places like Denali and Everest. You will be issued a Clean Mountain Can and RESTOP2 waste bag. On your departure your Clean Mountain Can and contents will be brought out with you.

Carry What You Need

Flights are dependent on VFR (Visual Flight Rules). If the pilot can't see it, they can't fly to it. If the day of your arrival/departure the lookout is covered in clouds we may need to hike to/from a different landing zone. It's recommended you pack what you can hike up to a couple miles in if necessary.

Shrouded in Cloud
Clouded In

Glacier Lookout sits at 3,640ft in a coastal mountain range. There maybe days where the lookout is completely encompassed by clouds. We certainly hope you're able to fully enjoy the views, however there's little we can do to guarantee this. If you are planning on flying out, and the helicopter is unable to retrieve you on your exit day, if the following group is hiking in you will need to either hike out, or stay in the guide cabin down the mountain when the next group arrives.

Freedom By Disconnecting
Off The Grid

Glacier Lookout has no power and cell signal is spotty inside the lookout. Good cellular signal is just a few hundred feet away.