Embrace the Wilderness

An iconic Alaskan Experience

Glacier Lookout Valdez

Find Clarity Above it All.

Get away from the daily grind just a few minutes outside of Valdez.

Take the opportunity so soak in the peace and the amazing scenery. Push yourself to summit a mountain, boost up the adrenaline with rock climbing, enjoy the alpine on a hike through the alpine at your pace. Then return to relax in a 1930's era lookout with amazing 360° glacier and mountain views.

Remote Alaskan Lodging

Perched on the side of a mountain with dozens of glaciers and peaks surrounding you, you'll find peace mixed with adventure.

Getting There
ways to reach Glacier Lookout
We work with Vertical Solutions to offer convenient helicopter drop-off and pick-up services to reach Glacier Lookout. These flights can be direct or combined into a flightseeing tour of varying lenghts.

Flightseeing + Easy Access

For the backpacking enthusiast there exist the option of hiking in and or out to reach Glacier Lookout. But be warned it might be more than most are up for. For those hoping to hike in and out we will need to discuss your options.

Affordable + Adventurous.

Inside the lookout
  • Sleeps 4 Adults comfortably. (Contact for larger parties)
  • Standing space is roughly 70 sqft.
  • Sink for easy washing of hands and dishes.
  • Woodstove for primary heat source.
  • Propane stove for easy cooking. (Not included with basic stay)

Glacier Lookout is not a luxury get away resort. It does not have wifi or power. Celluar signal comes and goes inside the lookout. It is a place for those looking to escape to the mountains, take a step back in time, and isolate one's self and embrace the mountain wilderness of Alaska.

Things to Consider

Glacier Lookout Design

Traditional 14'x14' Cabin

Glacier Lookout has the traditional West Coast early 1900's 14ft by 14ft lookout cabin.

10.5' Tower

Glacier Lookout sits above a 10.5ft tall tower to help give views over the ledge and down on the face of Valdez Glacier and Valdez Glacier Lake 3,600ft below.

4.5' Tall Windows

The lookout cabin is made of 4 walls with end to end windows. 4.5ft tall to ensure you get the full view.

Upgraded Roof

For Chugach Mountains snow and wind loads we've made the decision to upgrade the roof beams to be much more stout.