Hiking Glacier Lookout

The traditional way to access a lookout.

Hoofing It

It is possible to reach Glacier Lookout on foot. But this hike is not for everyone. Lost Toque Trail takes you up to the alpine of West Peak. The hike takes 2.5-3.5 hours for most people to reach the alpine. The hike back to Glacier Lookout is not as strenuous as Lost Toque Trail but it still takes another 2.5-3.5 hours to reach.

The last 500-600ft of elevation of Lost Toque Trail prior to the alpine, is a straight approach. The first 400ft of the approach is not too difficult as it goes through the alders and there are handholds, but it is steep. The last stretch goes though grasses that may be slick in dry times. The whole hike is roughly 3,500ft elevation gain over 4.25 miles.

Parties who book the lookout with a hike in option will not be refunded if they are unable to complete the hike to the lookout. Last minute helicopter flights might not be available. Parties booking the lookout with the hike in option are not able to claim they were unable to reach the lookout due to weather. When hiking out from the lookout you will be charged a fee if you call for assistance be it a guide hiking in to help you or helicopter pick up. A helicopter pickup might not be manageable in your location. You may need to hike to a flat, level, open location where the helicopter can set down. There are no such available locations once you drop below the alpine and into the brush.

Guides do not accompany guests when hiking in or out unless hired to do so through Alaska Guide Company.

Hiking Season
Lost Toque Trail is hikeable Mid-May through Early October.